How it works


Our revolutionary laundry ball is different! We use an innovative technology that physically cleans your laundry — ensuring a fresh, clean, and chemical-free load every time. By utilizing four different types of all-natural mineral-based ceramic beads, plus two magnets, Ms .Wishy Washy's laundry ball offers a powerful and environmentally-friendly alternative to chemical-filled detergents.


Each of our carefully selected mineral beads has been chosen to work in tandem with each other and create a superior cleaning performance. By working together in your machine, these components cause the water PH to increase naturally and become "oxygenated" — this physical process effectively eliminates bacteria and germs to ensure that your laundry is fresh and clean. 

How does our laundry ball get your laundry so clean? Because it works at a molecular level. The mineral balls inside our product work to accelerate molecular changes in the water. Just like soap molecules attach to the stain to then be washed away. The molecules created by the mineral balls attach themselves to stains and BOOM stains are washed away.  With no harsh chemicals!

Not only are our laundry balls a safe and effective alternative to traditional detergent, but they’re also cost effective, and could substantially reduce your laundry costs, with each ball lasting around 1500 wash cycles! Ms. Wishy Washy has revolutionized the way moms do laundry, empowering them to quit detergent and save money — and we’d love to help you too! 




Dechlorination Balls are formulated mainly by calcium sulfite and magnesium oxide. The balls have excellent capability to remove residual chlorine in the water while also inhibiting bacterial growth.  

Function of Dechlorination Ceramic Ball- Efficiently and rapidly removes 99% residual chlorine.  Improve the content of dissolved oxygen, and inhibit microbe breeding.




      Made of natural magnetic minerals, tourmaline, maifan stone and muyu stone.

      As water is magnetized by interaction with the balls, the order of the water molecules gradually changes, and breakdown the hydrogen bonds of water molecules so that the association of water molecules change to single scattered molecules which promotes infiltration and dissolution attributes of the water molecule so it can be easy to penetrate the stain. 

       Functions of Magnetic Energy ball


      Accelerate molecular structure changes

      Increase oxygen content