Ms. Wishy Washy Machine

re-usable up to 1,500 Times!

Ms. Wishy Washy Ball Gaurantee
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Ms. Wishy Washy cleans and disinfects clothes without any detergents or bleach


The price of laundry detergent seems to keep going up!  The laundry detergent companies must be making a killing off of us!  What if you could buy one product and use it to clean your laundry over and over again? How about for up to 7  years!  Doesn't that sound awesome! Think of the countless trips you've taken to the store because you've run out of detergent AGAIN. Imagine never feeling that way again. 

Do you have sensitive skin, itching, flaking, or rashes?  Most people don't realize how many chemicals are in our daily hygiene products. Take a look at the back of the bottles you use daily.  We definitely do NOT need more chemicals on our skin from our laundry detergents. Ms. Wishy Washy is completely chemical free!

Oh and the trash!!  Think of the amount of trash we create just from this one item! Hundreds of thousands of detergent bottles end up in landfills everyday and there is no sign of it slowing down, until now, because you can reuse our laundry ball for 1500 loads!  Then recycle it!

“I bought two for myself and two for my daughter in college, She just loves not having the expense of laundry soap!”

Christine, New York NY

what is ms. wishy washy?

An eco-friendly, safe, and clean way to clean your clothes

what is ms. wishy washy?

An eco-friendly, safe, and clean way to clean your clothes

Re-use up to 1,500 times! The washing ball cleans and disinfects clothes without any detergents or bleach — leaving a safe, clean product. 



Lets work together to help protect our environment?

how to use

How do I use Ms. Wishy Washy?

put the ball in your washer

put balls in your washer

The washing balls clean and disinfect clothes without any detergents or bleach-Use up to 5 balls per load, for larger loads.

recharge using the sun

recharge using the sun

The ceramic beads in the laundry balls must completely dry out to continue performing at the highest level. We recommend putting the ball in the sun once a month to do that. Never the dryer.

Re-use up to 1,500 times!

Re-use up to 1,500 times!

The washing balls clean and disinfect clothes without any detergents or bleach — no more itchy soap residue left on clothing.

why wishy washy?

There are so many benefits!

Why are we buying chemical detergents when there is a cleaner, safer, more environmentally friendly way to wash our clothes? No more buying a safe detergent for the kids, a expensive one for the delicates and a regular soap for the rest of the laundry. SAVE hundreds of dollars a year!

🧺 We recommend two laundry balls for the best results! 💥 

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    Eco friendly - keeps plastic laundry bottles out of landfills.

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    Reusable - save time and money

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    Zero Chemicals - great for the environment

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    Safe for all ages - including babies sensitive skin.

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    Safe for problem skin - doesn't irritate.

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    Focus on the savings - never buy laundry soap again!

1 laundry ball

Regular capacity 12-18lbs / 6-8kg

💥2 laundry balls

Large Capacity 20 - 36 lbs / 9-16kg

3 laundry balls

For extra Large Capacity 36-50lbs

how does it work?

A Powerful Stain Remover

Before before
After After

Our revolutionary laundry ball is different! We use an innovative technology that physically cleans your laundry — ensuring a fresh, clean, and chemical-free load every time. By utilizing four different types of all-natural mineral-based ceramic beads, plus two magnets, Ms .Wishy Washy's laundry ball offers a powerful and environmentally-friendly alternative to chemical-filled detergents.

Make sure to visit the “How It Works” page for more!

Yes, ceramic beads have been developed as an alternative to traditional laundry detergents for cleaning clothes. These ceramic beads are typically made of natural materials like mineral-based compounds and ceramics, and they are designed to clean clothes using physical mechanisms rather than chemical reactions.

The ceramic beads work by creating friction and agitation as they move through the washing machine with the clothes. This helps to loosen and remove dirt, grime, and stains from the fabric without the need for harsh chemicals. Additionally, the ceramic beads can create an alkaline environment in the wash, which can help to break down and dissolve organic compounds like sweat and oil.

One of the advantages of using ceramic beads for laundry is that they are reusable and can last for multiple washes. They are also environmentally friendly since they don't release harmful chemicals into the water supply or create plastic waste like traditional laundry detergents.

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Rated by hundreds of customers!

zero chemicals

zero chemicals

Finally the Peace-of-mind that you are protecting your family's skin from harsh chemicals

No more chemicals period. Our daily products are full of chemicals most of us can not even pronounce. We put them on our body which soak into our skin. Many of these chemicals are proven to cause cancer, yet they are still legal to use in products around the world.  This is one less chemical to worry about. 



Ms. Wishy Washy eliminates bacteria and germs

Each of our carefully selected mineral beads has been chosen to work in tandem with each other and create a superior cleaning performance. By working together in your machine, these components cause the water PH to increase naturally and become "oxygenated" — this physical process effectively eliminates bacteria and germs to ensure that your laundry is fresh and clean.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it last?

It depends on how many loads you do per year. Please refer to the chart about lifespan of Washy ball.

Do I need anything else in the washer besides the ball?

Nope! This is meant to be a complete detergent replacement.

Can I still use bleach?

We do not recommend the Washy balls be used with bleach.

When will I receive my order?

We ship all products FAST from Oceanside California. Most orders in the lower 48 states of the U.S. will arrive within 2-5 days. All other 10-15 days.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes! We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Return shipping not included.

Why does it need sun regeneration?

The ball has ceramic beads inside that need to be fully dried out periodically in order to perform at their best. Every two weeks or so place ball in a sunny window or outside.

NOTE* Drying the ball in the dryer could damage the outer enclosure, it is not recommended.

Can I still use fabric softener?

We don't recommend fabric softener because of the high chemical content. But we find wool dryer balls with a few drops of essential oils work the best!

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Rated by hundreds of customers!