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Ms. Wishy Washy

1 Ms. Wishy Washy Ball

1 Ms. Wishy Washy Ball

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 How many do I need? 

1 Washy ball for small loads 

2 Washy balls for medium loads 

3 Washy balls for large loads

4-5 Washy balls for oversized, heavily soiled or commercial loads

Use up to 1,500 times! The washing ball cleans and disinfects clothes without any detergents or bleach — leaving you with safe, chemical-free, exceptionally clean and odor-free laundry. Small molecules in the ball activate while wishy washing in the washing machines, killing bacteria and breaking down dirt, grime and odor. For tough stains, we recommend a spot-treatment. Our laundry balls are the best eco-friendly, chemical-free alternative to laundry detergent saving you hundreds of dollars every year!



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